Off Leash is the first dog bar in Lincoln. Because we (and a few of our furry friends) are blazing a new trail we thought we’d answer some common questions to help you plan your visit. We want your visit to be awesome (paw-some?) and we hope this helps. If you have other questions, we’d love to hear from you!

Where are you located?

We are located in the Telegraph District. Off Leash is a quick 5 minute drive to Downtown and the Haymarket. Our address is:

1975 M Street
Lincoln, NE 68510
(Map It)

What are the rules at Off Leash?

House Rules:

  • Off Leash is for anyone ages 21 and older 
  • Don’t leave your dog unattended 
  • No dog toys or treats from home 
  • Clean up after your dog 
  • No outside food or drink 
  • No food in the off-leash areas 
  • No glass 
  • No smoking or vaping  
How much does it cost to visit as a guest?

If you don’t have a dog, entry is always free.

For those bringing their dogs, we offer a Day Pass for $10. Additional Day Passes for dogs are $5 each, for up to 3 dogs.

We also have Monthly Memberships starting at $30/month. Members enjoy daily member specials, discounts on daycare, exclusive member pricing, and events.

For more information on passes and Memberships, visit our Memberships Page.

Do you require all dogs to be vaccinated to visit Off Leash?

Yes, all dogs must be current on vaccinations (Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella) to visit.

Do I need to bring my dog's vet records?

You do not need to bring the paper records with you. You will provide us with your vet’s information and we will retrieve the records from them. You will need to sign a waiver upon entry. Pre-registering will be available.

Can I come to Off Leash without a dog?

Absolutely, we don’t discriminate! Plus, it’s always free entry if you visit without a dog. You will need to sign a one-time waiver upon entry. We are a one-of-a-kind bar that focuses on ensuring our guests have an awesome time, dog or no dog.

Is there ever a wait to get into Off Leash?

When we have busy days there may occasionally be a wait.  Safety is one of our main priorities, so once we hit capacity, we will have to resort to a one-out, one-in system. But fear not! Members will have access to their own separate entry line and will get priority access to Off Leash. Regardless, we will do our best to get everyone in as soon as we can.

How can I become an Off Leash Member?

Memberships can be purchased at the front desk when you arrive. For more information on the types of Memberships we offer, visit our Memberships Page.

To purchase a membership online, create an account and choose your membership in Shop Subscriptions. Please leave the Start Billing, and End Billing dates blank when you sign up, so we can ensure your membership beings on your first visit!

Can kids come to Off Leash?

Off Leash is 21+ so we ask that only adults visit the bar.

Do you have an indoor off-leash play area?

Yes, Off Leash does have approximately 7,000 square feet of indoor off-leash play area which makes it a perfect spot whether it is really cold or really hot outside. The play area also extends to approximately 4,000 square feet of turfed area outside.

Do you have a separate park for small dogs?

No, we will not have a separate park for dogs under a certain weight. Small dogs should be comfortable around large dogs. 

Can I leave my dog in the park while I go into other areas?

We ask that you are always in the presence of your dog and therefore in the same area. If your dog is in the offleash area then you should also be in the offleash area.  Don’t worry, the off-leash area has easy access to the bar! If you have to visit the restroom we can have our staff watch your dog while you do so. We will also have a privacy kennel for you to place your dog while you need to visit another area of the bar. 

Are the dogs supervised while in the off-leash area?

Yes, we have trained staff on-site to supervise the dogs’ play, keep the park safe and clean (we do encourage you to clean up after yourself and your dog), and ensure that everyone has an awesome time at Off Leash. However, the staff is not ultimately responsible for your dog and we ask that you remain in the presence of your dog while at Off Leash.

How old do dogs have to be to visit the park?

Dogs have to be at least 16 weeks (4 months) old and current on all vaccinations in order to enter Off Leash — that is the minimum age when their immune systems are sufficiently developed to be safe in an off-leash environment.

Does Off Leash have behavior or breed restrictions?

Any vaccinated, well-socialized dog over 4 months of age is welcome to visit Off Leash, so there are no breed-specific restrictions. Your dog is not permitted at the park if it has a history of aggression towards people or other dogs. 

Do dogs have to be spayed or neutered to visit the park?

We do require that all dogs over 6 months of age be spayed or neutered in order to visit the park.

Can I bring food or treats into the dog park?

No, we do not allow food or treats in the off-leash park.  To ensure the best experience possible, food is only allowed in the onleash area.  We encourage you, however, to enjoy beverages purchased at our bar anywhere throughout Off Leash.

Can I host a private event at the park?

Yes, we have a dedicated PAWTY room. This would be the perfect place to host your dog’s birthday party! Please contact us for availability.

What kinds of food and drinks will do serve?

We have coffee and various canned beers available, as well as cocktails, wine, and non-alcoholic beverage selections. We partner with food truck vendors so check the calendar for those upcoming opportunities. On a day-to-day basis, we also have light snacks like chips and crackers available.

What are your hours of operation?

Our hours of operation are subject to change at various times due to weather or capacity. We will be open during the day, however, and offer several booths with Wifi and power for those who want to “work from home” while their dog plays in the off-leash area.

Can I bring my dog’s favorite dog toy with me?

We kindly request no outside dog toys or balls be brought into the facility.  This helps avoid possession issues. Later, we may test out providing our own toys depending on how busy we are.

Are there discounts for multiple dog Memberships?

There is a multi-dog family discount! The discount is good for dogs within the same household. Guests arriving together but from different households cannot take advantage of the additional dog discount. Discounts are redeemable for up to 3 dogs per visit. Memberships are taxed, and non-refundable.

All Memberships and passes begin on your first visit.

Day Passes: Good for one day at Off Leash. Guests can leave and come back as long as it is the same business day.
$10 per dog, and each additional dog is $5

Monthly Membership Options: 

Bark Pass
(5 visits per month)
$30/one dog
$40/two dogs
$50/three dogs

Free Reign
(Unlimited visits and a $25 gift card after every 3 months of consecutive membership)
$45/one dog
$60/two dogs
$75/three dogs

(Unlimited visits, 1 day of Doggie Daycare/dog, $5 off a nail trim/dog, and a $25 gift card after every 3 months of consecutive membership)
$60/one dog
$85/two dogs
$110/three dogs

Memberships can be transferred, or canceled, however, prorated refunds will not be issued.

Can I cancel or transfer my Membership?

Once a membership is purchased, it cannot be canceled. However, it can be transferred to a different dog.

Members can fill out this form to request to cancel at the end of the subscription term.

Does my Membership auto-renew?

Monthly and Annual Memberships will automatically renew from the purchase date. You may end a membership at any time. Prorated refunds will not be issued on memberships.